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Why travel?

Since the beginning of time people have traveled. There are many reasons to travel. To visit family and friends, business, medical emergency etc. But the reason I would like to focus on is traveling for recreation or as most people would say, FUN.
The number one reason for traveling for fun is of course just to enjoy yourself. But while you are enjoying yourself you are also relaxing, learning new things, meeting new people, feeling differently etc etc. The most imporant thing though is expanding the way you see things. While you travel and enjoy yourself you will also expand and stretch the way you view life. Which can help in all areas of life.
Maybe during your travel you will learn a new way to serve people like you saw in a restaurant you visited. Or learning a new way to save money from a tourist you met. You might just learn a new idea for throwing a party.
All this can contribute to your own growth and well being.

That is all for now. But do not forget to leave your comment on what you think of the site and what new things you would like to learn about traveling.

So long,
A traveler

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