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Maya ruins Belize

If you like history and beauty, the Maya ruins in Belize are the place to be. There are different Maya ruins in Belize. It is said that that the Maya have been in this region since the second millenium BC. But they were wiped out by sicknesses and conflicts with the European settlers.
The most popular Maya ruins in Belize are:

  • Caracol - The center of the largest Maya kingdoms and the largest known Maya site in Belize.
  • Cerros - One of the oldest Maya sites
  • Lamanai - The longest continually-occupied Maya site in Mesoamerica - 3200 years!
  • Xunantunich - The tallest structure in Belize (see picture)

All these maya ruins have their own unique characteristics. But the one thing all have in common is the fact that they are breathtaking, jaw dropping beautiful and that they are all worth visiting.

It does not even cost much to enter these historic sites. And once you are in you can take all the time in the world to explore the unique culture of the ancient Mayan tribes. You can learn about their sacrifices, gods, traditions, passed time activities and much more.

To visit Belize you can easily do so by air with one of the US airlines or with Taca Airlines. But you could also get there by bus coming from Mexico or Guatemala.

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