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A close look at the new travel sites

The internet is developing everyday. And so are the travel online sites. There is a great quantity of new travel sites that spring up every month. Some make a difference and others end up to be just another online travel site. Expedia, Kayak, Orbitz, Hotels.com and Travelocity for instance have been on the scene for quite a number of years. And we all know what a difference they have made since the old days when the only option was a travel agency.

Nowadays people DIY by searching and planning for their own travel arrangements. Mostly online. Not only can you find the best deals this way. But you can find them in the comfort of your own home.

So what are the new rising and notable online travel sites? What do they offer? Do they actually make a difference? There is only one way to find out. That is to actually go to the websites to try them out. And that is exactly what I did.

Here are the results for each of the new sites:

DealBase.com - Basically can be summed as a travel deal database. The site claims that they have the "largest collection of hotel deals and discount offers on the planet." And with their Deal Analyzer they compare the deal with the full price. With it you can find out how much you are actually saving.

With the possibility to search by destination it is easy to find all the deals for the destination you would like to visit. Once you find your destination you could customize the search results to your Hotel class, tags, month of travel, minimum required nights and price range.

Definitely a site to check out when planning for a trip. Though the design and color background is a little bit unattractive. And there is also a chance that you will not be one of the lucky ones to actually find a deal that suits all of your needs.

Nextstop.com - Without even reaching its first birthday Nextstop is already on

e of the big social-networking/travel-recommendation site. The site is based on "short, positive, recommendations from people all around the world". Here you could find what others like of a particular destination.

When I searched for "Tasmania" for example I received two full guides on Hobart and nine different recommendations. These recommendations can help you find unique spots in Tasmania to visit. Noticeable about it though is that almost all the recommendations are restaurants. So if you are looking for attractions or adventure so far there is none for Tasmania.

In short it is a great site to get some recommendations but yet you are not guaranteed to find a review on what you are looking for.

BestTravelDeals.net - Another site with much potential. This site is only a couple of weeks old and still has a lot of growing to do. Nevertheless it is a great business idea.

The concept is that users get to share deals and users get to vote on them. And the deals with

the best votes get to appear on the front page. So it is a the site to visit when you want to find out what is hot out there.

It will probably take a while before you could get the best deals out there on this site. Since the site only has 135 members at the moment. But it is definitely a site worth joining!

Voyij.com - Voyij seems like the upcoming name in online travel sites. The site offers the possibility that most of us have been longing for. All you need to do is enter your departing airport and when you are ready to leave. In return you will get a vast amount of hotels, flights and vacation packages that are on sale. Do I even have to say more?

These are what I have found of these websites. Check them out for yourself and let me know what you think. Have a great time exploring.

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