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Curacao? It might be the first time you've ever heard this name before. Or you might have a drink in mind. But Curacao is really a place. It is a small Dutch island on the south of the Caribbean sea. It has about 130,000 inhabitants and not the most popular among the Caribbean islands but yet it is worth visiting. Why? There are many reasons.

First of all it is one of only 6 dutch islands in the Caribbean. So this already distinguish it from all the other Caribbean islands with English, French or Spanish influence. The Dutch heritance on this island can be seen everywhere. From the beautiful architecture, to the language that can still be heard on the streets, the food, art, music and much more.
There is a distinct blend of the Dutch culture and the Caribbean culture on this island. You can see this just by looking at the colorful houses with dutch architecture all around the island. But you can also hear it in the Papiamentu language. Which is the native language for most Curacaoans. But do not be afraid, because Curacaoans speak 4 different languages: Papiamentu, Dutch, English and Spanish. So you do not have to learn a complete different language to visit.
Secondly Curacao has the most beautiful beaches you could ever find around the world. Most of them are small beaches with sparkling white sand and torquise blue water. Which makes it feel as if you're at a private beach of your own. The island claims to have around 40 of these beaches of its own. This leaves you with plenty of room to choose which one you want to relax at.
Thirdly there are many things to do around the island. Like shopping at the most prestigeous shops in Punda and Otrabanda. Hiking in the nature reserved Christoffel park. Horsebackriding through the jungle. Fishing throughout the year. Enjoying all the nightclubs around the island, especially the beach clubs. Taking windsurfing classes and much more.

So whether you are looking for an relaxing vacation, an adventerous one or you "just wanna have fun" Curacao is the place to be.

Enjoy your time in Curacao,
A traveler

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