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Adventurous vacation in Tasmania

If you like to have an adventurous time in nature, you will find something to keep you busy on the island of Tasmania. There is tons of nature to see on this island. From rivers to caves, mountains to wild coasts there must be some part of nature there that you have never seen before.
Not only is there exciting nature there, but there is adventurous activities to do in nature as well. Like abseiling, surfing, rafting, hang gliding, diving or just hiking in the bushes.

Located south-east of Australia, Tasmania is an Australian island and state. The point farthest west is said to be the edge of the world, even though this is just a nickname. The "island of inspiration" and "natural state" are other nicknames for this island. Due to the large unspoiled nature.
Government areas are situated in Hobart, which is also the capital of Tasmania. And the name Tasmania comes from Abel Tasman, the dutch explorer who is believed to have discovered the island.
The climate on Tasmania includes four seasons, but because it is located on the southern hemisphere the summer is starts in December and ends in February. Which would be the ideal months to visit if you would like to explore all the different natural landmarks.

Adventurous places that are a must visit in Tasmania are:

Cataracts Gorge - Visited by tourists from all around the world it is home of the King's Bridge-Cataract Walk. A bridge build in the 1890's that runs along the north bank of the Cataracts Gorge river. Here could also find the longest chairlift in the world.

Freycinet National Park - Famous for the secluded Wineglass bay, voted many times as one of the world's best ten beaches.

Hasting Caves - The largest tourism cave in Australia. Things to do include: relaxing in the warm waters of a thermal springs pool, hiking in the reserved forests and exploring Newdegate Cave. The latter includes chambers that began forming millions of years ago.

King Island - "It's an island of long, empty beaches and clean, fresh air, offshore reefs, rocky coasts, lighthouses and more than 70 shipwreck sites." According to discovertasmania.com

Port Arthur - Though not a nature spot, it is definitely worth seeing. Port Arthur is a small town and former convict settlement in Tasmania. There you could find the open air museum which is officially Tasmania's top tourist attraction.

As you could see there is plenty to do in Tasmania. So visit discovertasmania.com to start planning your ultimate adventure vacation.

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  1. Parag Says:

    Tasmania boosts Australia's tourism to a next level. Some of its attractions like the Cradle mountain, The Salamanca Place, Louisa's Walk and Mount Wellington are compulsory for every tourist coming here.
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  2. rekha Says:

    I really appreciate it that you shared with us such a informative article. Thanks for sharing.

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