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Aurora borealis - Alaska

It seems like all of the beautiful things to see on earth have names that feel awkward to say. Yet all of them are worth seeing.
When I first heard about the Aurora Borealis I had probably just like you no clue on what to think. Is it a country, city, place, monument? When I learned the answer to this question, it completely blew my mind away. I could not believe such thing existed here on earth. I could not believe it exists at all. But it actually does.

Lucky for me I found out after some research that it is also called the Northern polar lights. Becuase you can only view it in the Northern hempisphere sky. The aurora borealis is what could be called an all natural light color display. The are usually seen in the night and mostly in the polar regions of the earth. Nevertheless they can be seen all around the world.

The Aurora is something that many scientists are not able to explain yet. The closest they came to an explanation of it is that it is a glow of solar particles blown into the earth's magnetic field more than 60 miles above the earth's surface at speeds up to 35,000 miles per hour.
But if you are not too much into science, the Cree people had an easier explination for this phenomenon. Namely, "Dance of the Spirits".

Even though it is said that you could see this phenomenon all around the world. The best places to see it is at places closer to the North Magnetic Pole like Fairbanks, Alaska. You could find (all inclusive) tours or lodges/hotels there you could chose frome to view this phenomenon.
I would recomend the all inclusive tours. Though they might cost a little bit more, you will be sure you would not have anything to worry about. Except souvenier shopping maybe.
Prices could start as low as US$ 500 and could go up to US$ 5000 for 3 to 5 days of seeing the beauties of the earth we're living on.
The best time of the year to visit is between March to April and September to October. During this time you will find frequent displays, clear skies and generally mild weather.

So if you are trying to see something different, relaxing and beautiful a Aurora borealis viewing trip in Alaska would be it.

A traveler

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  1. EventSetter Says:

    Magnificent photos of the northern lights. Haven't had the chance to see them in real life, just living vicariously through your pictures.

  2. A traveler Says:

    Haha, no problem.

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